Four Healthcare Education Programs Starting in January 2015

The following are four healthcare programs that will be starting January 2015 at Angeles College in Los Angeles:

  1. The Medical Assistant Program in Los Angeles prepares multi-skilled healthcare professionals qualified to perform administrative and clinical duties and laboratory procedures. The program will be taught through lectures, laboratory and externship training at clinical sites. Learn more:(
  1. The Medical Billing & Coding Program in Los Angeles provides students with a comprehensive view of the coding fundamentals of ICD-10-CM classification system for coding outpatient and inpatient diagnoses and coding inpatient procedures and operations. Students will also learn to use CPT guidelines to code for outpatient procedures. The program includes classroom and laboratory experiences. Learn more:(
  1. The Nurse Assistant (NA) Program in Los Angeles prepares the student to function as an entry-level worker on a healthcare team. Focus will be on preparing the student to provide direct care to the patient/resident; promote comfort measures; and collect, record and report data to licensed personnel. Principles of critical thinking, team interaction, ethics, caring, communications and cultural sensitivity are integrated throughout the program. The program includes classroom, laboratory and clinical care experiences. Learn more:(
  1. The Angeles College Online RN to BSN program will enhance your personal status, boost your salary, and increase your job security while helping your hospital achieve “magnet” status. The B.S. in Nursing expands your knowledge and skills beyond the clinical aspects of nursing to give you background in evidence based practice, patient safety, and technology integration, as well as healthcare systems and policies. You will become a more accomplished nurse ready to ascend the ranks. This program is open only to RNs who have already earned an Associate of Science in Nursing degree and are licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). Learn more: (

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