Angeles College Medical Assistant Training and Education in Los Angeles

Founded in 2004, Angeles College has equipped hundreds of students with the skills needed to succeed in the challenging and gratifying field of healthcare. While offering the most up-to-date training in the fastest growing careers, our school is committed to creating a welcoming environment with small class sizes and experienced instructors, ensuring each student has the opportunity to succeed.

The Medical Assistant Program in Los Angeles ( prepares multi-skilled healthcare professionals qualified to perform administrative and clinical duties and laboratory procedures. The program will be taught through lectures, laboratory and externship training at clinical sites.

Program Objectives
• Provide supportive environment that encourages student success in the classroom, the externship site and the job site.
• Use critical thinking to recognize, analyze and solve problems related to administrative, clinical and laboratory procedures.
• Understand policies and regulations related to carrying out administrative, clinical and laboratory duties.
• Help students to develop skills in communication, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving, leading to accurate decision-making.
• Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills required for entry-level in Medical Assisting practice.
• Prepare students to work in a variety of settings such as physician offices, clinics, hospitals, public agencies, and volunteer agencies.
• Display professionalism by projecting a positive attitude, working as a team member and showing initiative and responsibility.
• Practice in a legal and ethical manner.

Program Delivery
Classroom and Clinical Instruction

Completion Requirements
A student must pass all examinations and course requirements with a final grade of a passing score.

At the completion of the program, the student will be able to:
• Perform pre-analytical procedures such as specimen collection
• Assist in processing of specimens
• Assist Doctors and Nurses with patient care services
• Perform injections safely with over 70% accuracy
• Safely assist in operating and maintaining diagnostic test equipment
• Demonstrate good understanding of standard and universal precautions
• Assist in minor surgical procedures

The Angeles College Los Angeles Medical Assistant ( program has rolling admission and new classes starting monthly! MA opportunity Scholarships are available to MA program students.

Visit us today to learn how to get started.
Call Toll Free: (855) 487-2211


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